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non-http protocol

Let’s have a look at how to expose your server’s ssh port and how to access it from a client through stunnel.

On the server

$ ssh -R 1:localhost:22

On the client

Sample config

client = yes
accept =
connect =


  1. Download and install stunnel from here
  2. Open Start Menu → stunnel CurrentUser → Edit stunnel.conf
  3. Add the sample config to the config file then save
  4. Start stunnel from Start Menu → stunnel CurrentUser → stunnel GUI Start
  5. Connecting to the server
    ssh -p 2022


  6. Install stunnel
    sudo apt -yq install stunnel4
  7. Put the sample config in /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf
  8. Start stunnel
    sudo service stunnel4 start


    sudo systemctl start stunnel4
  9. Connecting to the server
      ssh -p 2022


  10. Install SSLSocks
  11. Open the apps and put the sample config in the CONFIG tab
  12. Tap on HOME tab and tap on Not running to change it to Running
  13. Connecting to the server (from termux or any other terminal emulator that support ssh client)
      ssh -p 2022